Online Jeep Service and Repair Manuals


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There are two manuals here that cover Jeep vehicles from 1957 - 1986.

1975 AMC Jeep Service Manual

Index (2.3mb)

Alphabetical Index (3.3mb)

A_Vehicle ID (4.1mb)

B_ Maintenance (5.9mb)

1A_ Six Cylinder Engines (16.2mb)

1B_ V-8 Engines (16.3mb)

2: Cooling (8.4mb)

3: Electrical (39.4mb)

4: Fuel Carburation (25.5mb)

4A: Emission Controls (15.1mb)

5: Clutch (3.5mb)

6: Manual Transmission (7.3mb)

7: Automatic Transmission (39.5mb)

8: Transfer Case (17mb)

9: Brakes & Wheels (19.8mb)

10: Axles & Propeller Shafts (13.9mb)

11: Steering (25.8mb)

12: Suspension (2.3mb)

13: Heater & Defroster (2.4mb)

13A: Air Conditioning (8.6mb)

14: Body Panels, Fenders, Hood & Bumpers (4.1mb)

15: Doors & Rear Quarter (3.2mb)

16: Tailgate & Luggage Rack (2.3mb)

17: Windshield, Rear Window & Windshield Wiper (3.9mb)

18: Instrument Panel & Mounted Assemblies (1.2mb)

19: Seat Assemblies & Adjusters (2.5mb)

20: Headlining, Exterior Decals & Overlays (2.1mb)

22: Wiring Diagrams (5.8mb)


1957 - 1986 Jeep Maintenance Manual

Jeep Manual Contents (2.5mb)

Alphabetical Index (1.5mb)

1: General Information and Maintenance (45.5mb)

2: Tune Up and Performance Maintenance (26.7mb)

3: Engine and Engine Overhaul (82.9mb)

4: Emission Controls and Fuel System (37.9mb)

5: Chassis Electrical (16.9mb)

6: Drive Train (44.2mb)

7: Suspension and Steering (21.6mb)

8: Brakes (22.5mb)

9: Body and Trim (19.5mb)

10: Troublshooting (19.6mb)

Mechanics Data (1mb)

Fuel Economy and Tune Up Tips (8.6mb)

Autobody Repair Tips (8.8mb)


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