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Ultima's guide to making 100g from levels 36 to 44


First off, this is HORDE only and is geared to the levels 36-44! I devised this when I hit level 39, and realised "Damn I spent too much, I will never afford the mount in time!". I only had 17 gold and I needed to get 90g for my mount by level 40. It took me Level 39 to 5 bars into level 40 to get all the money. I figured out various tactics to make the money, so here they are!

1.Rock Elementals

I racked in a good 8g from this. I simply went to the Badlands and went to the camp at the north west and to the east there are level 37-40 rock elementals. This is pure grinding folks, you simply kill them and keep the items they drop. Vendor everything but the "Solid Stone", "Deeprock Salt" and the "Elemental Earth" because at the AH you can make a much larger profit. This is a real good place to grind.

2.Sticky Glue, Lots of Money

Now this is the money maker. I made 40g off this in 2 hours! There two ways to go about this. One of the ways is to make a new character that is either Orc or Troll (this is very important). Level him to 5-6 and head to Sen'Jin village. Get the Sticky glue quest from the guy standing near the middle of the village (He isn't in a hut). Once you get that quest, complete it and get the glue. Now that you have the glue, DO NOT dispose of it. Keep it and sell it at the AH. This is a godlike PVP items the level 60s buy. Each quest gives a stack of 10. Stacks of 10 range from 5g to 10g depending on the time of day or the server. But that's not it. Once you are there ask noobs to buy theirs for 5s-10s. They never say no unless it's an alt of someone who knows its worth a lot. Or do the quest with others and ask for their glue.

The second way to go about this is go with your character you need the money with and head down to Sen'Jin village and /tell noobs you will buy it off them for 20s. It is important that you /tell this or else some people will tell them its worth a lot just to piss you off if you yell or general chat it. The first way is easier to make the cash IMO but both work.

3.Scarlet Monastery

This is the king of money making. Get a level 60 friend to run the armory and library over and over (Cathedral if you get 2 high levels) and keep the loot and cash. A run with friends that give you all loot and the cash they earned at end ranges from 7-11 gold. Another way is to just run it with a normal group, the loot isn't as good but each FULL run of every part of the instance gets you at least 3g (And a whole lot of exp!). The ultimate grind place for cash is the graveyard in Scarlet Monastery. If you can get yourself past the elite bad guys in the beginning, and into the graveyard proper, the Forsaken Spirits drop from 1 to 8 silver, along with greys and the occasional green, and they're Levels 30-32 non-elites. They come in packs of three, and a rogue has little to no problems taking them down hard and fast.

4.Stranglethorn Vale

STV is gank city, but it isn't as bad as people tell. Just head to the north east and farm the Adventure Co. Geologists. They drop a lot of silk that can be sent to the AH and drop quite a few greens this is great for money, but it gets old fast, doing this for too long can drive you mad! Another good spot is the murlocs, they always have chests all around and are easy to kill. They have low def and don't hit hard so you can take a good 3-4 of em down without resting! These guys always drop 1-3 silver which is pretty good if you ask me.

5.Professions, get em to use!

At this level the professions are awckward, they don't have anything THAT good and it starts getting expensive. But each profession has at least one item at this level (Your profession should be level 200-225 by now). For example you can make a good profit with "Big Voodoo Robe" with leather working. I made 5g off of those. It cost roughly 90s for the mats depending on the AH, and you can sell it on AH from 1.5g to 3g depending what the others are priced at or if there are others.


This is the obvious one! Just ask friends to lend you 3-5g, and pay them back within the week... But I am sure you guys have already thought of this =/.


I like World of Warcraft because it lets you do many things in many different ways. Making money is one of those things. You can easily make the 90g you need with different techniques but this guide was to give you a push in the right direction, this guide is even good if you are a warlock searching for money at level 36-43! All in all I hope this was useful to some of you.

As a note, in STV:
Raptors, the raptors here are worth about 10s each from their drops - every time. (the lvl 40 ones), the lower level ones are worth almost as much. If your doing skinning get over to the raptors and kill them by the bucket load. Get your cooking up to 175 as well, cooking their meat gets you an exta 3 silver per piece, cooking the eggs an extra few silver as well.

The bigger your bags the bigger your profit here - If your horde your even luckier as grom'grol is pretty darn close and easy to get to. Taking in 12-14 slot bags you can fill them with raptor drops within about 1.5 hours, this should net you upto 15g from the vendor depending on your kill rate. I've gone above 30g/hour farming these at lvl 45 (and have gone back there with my 60 mage, 50g/hour+ if you have 16 slot bags.)

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