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Hello ... I do this daily on my server, and just thought it may be useful to other people. So I will share it!

Its nothing too "secret," but if you don't know this, it may prove to be helpful to gain a quick daily 10-15 gold. The recomended level would be 55-60. At 55-58, this is even a good grind spot, as the mobs are easy to kill.

Ok now to the information. Its simple! Just go to Winterspring, and kill these: these
(Scroll down to the bottom to see where the mob is!)

for an Icy Chill enchant formula. They sell generally about for 10-15 gold on servers, and I just sell them for about 13 gold every day. I can get one of these anywhere from 5-25 minutes of killing them, even when there are 4 other people killing them. Although there aren't many mobs to go around, they respawn very fast, and have proven to be a great spot to grind. I have found that after I get the formula, I have a much harder time finding another one, so just do it daily / once every 10 hours or so, and I think you will like the outcome!

That's all I have to say, and if this has been posted before, or I am dumb and everyone does this, sorry!



Damn I had hoped this was never posted! Joking tongue.gif But I have been grinding on these mobs for quite some time with my rogue. Even though it doesn't show it on the loot list, a Skullflame Shield dropped for me which I promptly sold to a friend for about 1/2 the price that it normaly sells for in AH...I sold it for 500g. Also I have some more to add about this way to farm.

Waiting for the Icy Chill formula to drop...and then to sell on the AH (if it sells...never does because there are always too many in the AH on my server) takes killing WAY too many mobs...and frankly if you don't have the time it isnt worth it. In order to do my method of farming, you have to be able to mine Rich Thorium Veins. There are a couple spawnpoints for rich thorium JUST at the lake alone. I will put the x,y locations in later after I log maybe tomorrow... Basicaly just run around the edges of the lake and you will find them. There are 2 spawnpoints near the long building with ghosts. If you go around back you will basicaly be standing withing about 50 feet of 2 spawnpoints. There is another spawnpoint on the opposite side of the lake. It is (if you are looking strait at the named spawn who give no exp and respawns immediately) to the back left. Now if the chance of getting Arcane Crystals (sells for 18-20g on my server) is not enough for you...there are 2 chest spawn points. Remember the long building? Well inside of it near the wall is 1 spawn point. Another spawn point guessed it...back at the other building across the is to the right instead of left of the named spawn. From these I have gotten Travelers Backpacks (20g) as well as a bunch of greens and even more greys that sold for 1g+. Have fun farming here, as well as grinding...I brought my rogue from 55-60 here and am bringing my warlock (55) there to do the same.

Good Luck...and happy FARMING!

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