Credit: sQren
(note: this guide is a work in progress and will be updated ASAP)

The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is more scaling in difficulty than other instance. The first few bosses are on par with the harder bosses in Molten Core and the last bosses are harder than anything you find in Blackwing Lair.
Nature resistance is particularly important in this instance for many bosses. Equipment is important, but many encounters will be possible to beat with sheer wits and strategy. Nature Protection potions are clearly of use here.

Getting to the Instance Portal

There is no key required to enter the Ahn'Qiraj temple instance, nor is there any trash outside of it. Upon going through the Scarab Wall gate in southern Silithus, follow the path to the right to the instance portal.

Loot-quest System
The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj uses a Loot-quest system like Zul'Gurub or the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj.
Players must collect ten scarab items of a certain type, two stone idols of a certain type, and a single Qiraji item. When a player has the appropriate collection for a particular item and a certain level of reputation with Cenarion Hold, they can turn them in for the item.

The loot in AQ40 comes from:
? killing bosses
? killing mobs
? quest rewards. Good reputation with Brood of Nozdormu is required to complete these quests, in much the same way as Zandalar Tribe reputation is required for Zul'Gurub quest rewards. It's possible to access these quest NPC after having killed the Prophet Skeram. Credit: sQren

Trash Mobs

Obsidian Eradicator

They pull singly. They can drain mana from all mana users in range. It seems that they choose 16 candidates to drain mana from as soon as aggro is aquired. They will cast Shock Blast on everyone in the zone (6.5K damage) if their mana is allowed to reach 100%, so they must be drained of their mana with Mana Burn, and Drain Mana. Viper Sting is not recommended as a mana drain, because it will take up valuable Debuff real estate, even if you only have 3 warlocks and 3 priests draining his mana. Viper Sting is simply not needed.

Mana Burn while one or more druids heals the main tank. This enemy does not hit hard, and the main tank doesn't require much healing. Everyone else in the raid who is not healing or draining mana should be doing DPS.

100 Brood of Nozdurmu Reputation per kill.

Anubisath Sentinel
Anubisath Sentinels are packs of 4 mobs. They have a normal attack as well as one of the following abilities:
? Renew (Heals 4.5K every 3 seconds) (Use Mortal Strike)
? Mortal Strike
? Mana Burn
? Multiple target Shadowbolt (Likely the worst)
? Knockback [Immune to Taunt
? Thorns (500 damage)
? Thunderclap (no debuffs though, 800 damage)
? Reflect Fire and Arcane Damage (You can tell since it bounces back detect magic)
? Reflect Frost and Shadow Damage
When any one sentinel dies, the remaining sentinels gain the ability of the fallen sentinel and are healed for 50% of their max health. This means the last sentinel will have 4 abilities.

100 Brood of Nozdurmu Reputation per kill.

Vekniss Warriors

are mobs in Ahn'Qiraj that are located underground after fighting Prophet Skerram. They have no significant special attacks. However when they die they release about 10 Vekniss Borers.

Vekniss Borers

spawn in packs of around 10 for each dead Vekniss Warrior. They hit plate for about 200-300 damage.

Qiraji Brainwashers

They can Mind Control and cast Mind Flay with an added fear effect. The come in packs with the Vekniss Warrior, they really should be killed first as the Gaurds are not really special, but the Brainwasher are what pwns raids.

Vekniss Gaurdian

When one of the Guardians in a pull die, the remaining guardians charge toward their fallen comrade, impale (stackable DoT), and knock people beside the corpse into the air.

Vekniss Soldier Packs

in the room between Battleguard Sartura and Fankriss the Unyielding. They have no notable special attacks, but they respawn extremely fast. The drones have very low health.

Vekniss Hive Crawler

These are scorpions located in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj after Fankriss the Unyielding. They use extremely high damage instant poison, mind numbing poison, and crippling poisons. The poisons must be cleansed immediately.

Vekniss Wasp Packs

These are groups of three-four mobs located in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj just before Princess Huhuran. They come in a few different flavors.

Each group contains two or three Vekniss Wasps, a Vekniss Stinger, and/or a Qiraji Lasher.
The Vekniss Stinger is similar to the Hive'Zara Stinger in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, except naturally much more deadly and cannot be rooted.
The Vekniss Wasps are also quite similar to the Hive'Zara Wasps in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, except again naturally much more deadly and cannot be rooted.
The Qiraji Lasher is similar to the adds accompanying Battleguard Sartura except that they cannot be stunned.

Vekniss Drone
These are bugs located in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj after Battleguard Sartura. If you are not careful you will get knocked back into these during the boss attempt. Two words: Very Squishee.

Boss Strategy:

The Prophet Skeram

Kill movie:


1) True Fufillment, which Mind Controls a target, and gives them increased damage, higher resistances, faster movement and instant- cast spells. The target also grows to an immense size, so it is easy to see who is being controlled. The effect cannot be dispelled. Have your mages sheep them immediately.

2)Create image. At 75%, 50%, and 25%, creates two images that have identical abilities to Skeram. The images spawn with the same percentage of life as Skeram, but they take more damage than the true Prophet.

3) Arcane Explosion (1.5K, large radius). It can be interrupted.

4) Earth Shock (2.5K), he casts this continuously on random targets when he is not being tanked.

5) Blinks to either platform beside him, clearing aggro.


The first boss encounter is a short jog from the entrance of the zone - about 4 or 5 trash pulls. The strategy to the Skeram fight is not well-known at this time, but some details are known. He is said to be near the difficulty of the Molten Core boss Majordomo Executus, and similarily to the Majordomo, Skeram requires skill and strategy to beat over gear. Gear certainly helps, however, and it this encounter is not recommended to a group which has not been through the Molten Core up to at least the Majordomo.
For this fight, 5 of each class would be recommended, and at least 3 warriors geared as Main Tanks. Ideally, a feral druid with tanking gear would also be available - feral charge can be useful if Skeram teleports, or if one of his copies get away. The druid can act as an off-tank to bring Skeram back to the warriors or to substitute as a Main Tank.
Out Of Combat ressing is not a possibility in this fight, because not only is the entire instance flagged in combat, but Skeram does a devastating AoE if anyone is outside a certain range of him (estimated about 100 yards.)

Skeram's abilities include a teleport. He seems to most often teleport to one of the three platforms near where he starts. Skeram also has the ability to split himself into 3 copies - hence the 3 Main Tanks. Each Prophet will do a large range arcane AoE attack when more than 4 people are within melee range. The AoE damage is small enough that it should be able to be easily healed. (On the test realm, the Skerams could be tanked below while the ranged DPS and healers could climb up the stone structure to avoid the AoE. This might be an exploit and will likely be fixed by the time this encounter goes live.)
Note - When he splits he can have 3 on 1 side, so make sure to Soulstone the tanks and have 2 on each side (Middle left and right). Be sure to focus on images first rather than Skeram as they do similar damage. He will spam Earthshock when not tanked and had aggro from a range DPS and this will probably kill them. Other than that it is not that hard to perfect, but Polymorphing needs to be done fast.

The melee DPS should split into 3 groups. One group in the middle, and the other 2 groups half-way up the steps (near the statues. The healers should also be split into roughly 3 groups, to heal the three melee groups. All of the ranged DPS should head to the top of the steps. Mages should be placed along both sides of the steps to IMMEDIATELY polymorph anyone that gets mind controlled. As skeram teleports he wipes most of his agro, so the melee group that he teleports to should Taunt, tank, and DPS him, while the other melee groups stay where they are. When he hits 75,50, and 25 % he makes 2 copies of himselves. They will initially spread out to the 3 positions the melees are placed at (left, middle,right). Quickly determine which ones the copies are, and have all ranged DPS concenrate on them, one at a time. The 2 copies have ALL the abilities of the regular ones, so you have to kill them very fast. A bit after the copies are made, they will start teleporting around, and 2 will end up in the same location. It would be best to have a warrior taunt and pull one back to the middle. TRY TO ALWAYS HAVE LESS THAN 5 PEOPLE IN MELEE RANGE AND YOU WILL AVOID THE AE ARCANE EXPLOSION COMPLETELY. -Good Luck


If you have dificulties finding out which one is the real skeram when he splits, let an assigned hunter send his pet in at 77%, 52%, 27% to attack the boss. when skeram splits into three, the pet will be attacking the real one.

Another little known secret of Skeram is he can be afflicted with CoT by the warlocks, this will greatly reduce the casting time on his arcane explosion. Same goes for Rogues Mind cribbling posion.

We stoped using mages polly on ppl who get mind controled. Insted we now use a offtank who tanks the person without a weapon. Much faster then the sheeping

Lord Kri, Princess Yauj and Vem (optional)

Kri is an optional boss in Ahn'Qiraj, who comes with 2 other bosses: Princess Yauj and Vem. Kri has an area wide Toxic Volley that hits for 500 damage and DoTs for 125 damage. It is a poison attack that deals nature damage.
When Kri dies, his corpse leaves a poison cloud that DoTs for 2000 damage per second.

Group strategy

Theoretically, the loot gained by this encounter is determined by the order you kill this bug family, although the encounter is currently bugged (no pun intended) and no matter which way you drop them the loot is identical. In order to get the best loot, you need to kill the hardest one, Kri, last. The easiest way to complete this encounter is to kill Lord Kri first, then Princess Yauj and finally Vem. Until Lord Kri dies, have hunters keep Nature Resist up, shamans doing poison cleansing totems, druids curing poison, Paladins cleanse as much as possible whilst priests and druids keep up the heals. Take Princess Yauj far away from the main raid, and start working on Kri. When he dies, a very damaging poison cloud will appear, so make sure everyone gets far. After him, kill Princess Yauj and make sure casters are ready to kill all the litte bugs that will spawn, the princess also heals so ensure that you have a number of rogues to kick her when she casts or mages to counterspell (she is immune to the silence effect and can resist easily), Taking into account the AoE fear this can be rather tricky so good tactics are needed. Horde can also use Tremor totems to great effect in this fight somewhat simplifying it. After she dies, just finish off Vem.

Princess Yauj
is an optional boss in Ahn'Qiraj, who comes with 2 other bosses: Kri and Vem. Yauj has a range AOE fear that wipes aggro even if mitigated with Fear Ward. This fear will make you go out the door and can have the 3 of them reset, Therefore, strategy to beat Yauj is to tank her as far as you can from the main raid. Also, when you have started to kill her, she will cast a self-heal, which needs to be interrupted.
When Yauj dies, several small bugs spawn. For complete strategies, read the Lord Kri entry.

Vem is an optional boss in Ahn'Qiraj, who comes with 2 other bosses: Kri and Princess Yauj. Vem has a charge ability

Battleguard Sartura



Battleguard Sartura and her three adds have nearly identical abilities:

1) Whirlwind - immune to stun while Whirlwinding, otherwise vulnerable. (Much like the gurubashi Axethrowers in ZG)

2) No aggro list -- It clears every whirlwind however note if you are a Warlock and spam add up with a bunch of DoTs the add will come kill you.

3) Enrage - At 20% she will go enraged, buffing her attack either a little or a lot. During this fight, you have to get her health below 30% within ten minutes, otherwise you will get the hard version of enrage, which is near impossible to win against. If you do manage to get her under 30% within ten minutes, you'll get the easy version, which is roughly 10x less powerful.

4) Sartura's guards have a punt attack that will send you flying, do not get near the entrance to the tunnel with bugs in it, because being punted into that tunnel means a wipe for your raid.


Assign a warrior and a paladin (if you are alliance) to each add before the fight starts. When she has just passed your camp and is on your left hand side, going towards the back, move in, this gives you enough time to spread out in the room. Spreading out is the key to this fight, use every part of the room except the area near the tunnel entrance. The warrior that is on each add taunts whenever it is up and trys to tank it. The mobs wipe their hate list frequently, so it will be impossible to hold agro permanantly, however keeping a tank on the mob helps. Paladins use hammer of justice whenever they can.
During the first portion of the fight, it is mainly Ranged dps on the adds. Rogues hang back and only engage the adds when they are stunned. While moving around to avoid whirlwinds, be sure and stay within range of your healer, but not too close to them. The main job of the Rogues is to stay alive until all the adds are down, because they are extremely important when fighting Sartura herself. Focus fire on the adds until they are dead, and as each add dies, the warrior that was tanking that add moves to help tank Sartura. The tanks are mainly just trying to keep her taunted whenever they can.
While fighting Sartura herself, you must drop her to 30% within 10 minutes, or you will wipe from the powerful enrage that she gains. If you drop her soon enough, the version of enrage she gains is very weak. Rogues focus on keeping her stunned while she is not whirlwinding, they save combo points and stun whenever possible. Ranged DPS goes all out on her, because they can't 'pull agro' (but be aware if she targets you, and get out of her way). Keep moving around! Once the adds are down this fight is extremely easy, as long as everyone stays out of Sartura's path.

Fankriss the Unyielding



1) Mortal Wound - Stackable Debuff on the MT that reduces healing by 10%. This is a cleave attack so it can hit multiple people in front of him. (Very simialar in shape, design, and abilities to Kurinnaxx)

2) During the fight the bugs, Vekniss Hatchlings, similar to those that you killed to get to the boss will spawn and swarm the group. With each spawn one player will be ported and rooted in one of the small acloves around the room. These bugs hit harder than than the Vekniss Drones you fought to get to him.

3) During the fight Level 63 elite worms will spawn from Fankriss approximately every 30 seconds.


? To get to him you will run through Vekniss Drones and Vekniss Soldiers. Your main tank will tank the Soldiers. Their only special ability is an armor debuff. Mages will AoE the Drones with help from Warlocks. Each Mage should have a buddy to watch them, and the encounter is similar to Broodlord Lashlayer, however the non elites are on a quicker spawn so KEEP MOVING!

? Fankriss is very easy to tank. All you need is 2 tanks to rotate. Hatchlings will spawn and they hit hard! Have another tank gather them up and tank them. If you have enough tanks use 2.

? Elite worms spawn occasionally. Have an offtank tank them and Rogues deal with them, but do not leave them be. Yes, they will respawn after time, however 4 of them running rampant on Healers is a no go.
? Magi, Warlocks, Hunters and 2 tanks will be attacking Fankriss. If you have an abundance of Rogues consider putting a couple on him too. You will need to go all out throughout the battle.

? Do not try AoEing the Hatchlings, there are around 16 and they hit 700-800 on a clothie. Clothie will die and they will eat healers. So tank them as they appear to cap at 16.

? Off tanks (ie Worm tanks) watch healers with one eye. It is important not to let them be savaged by hatchlings or worms.

? Other than that it is a question of DPS.

Princess Huhuran

1) Princess Huhuran's most significant ability is her 30% mode. At this time, the closest 15 people to her will take monumental amounts of nature damage and will require high Nature Resistance. No one else needs nature resistance for this encounter other than those 15 people.
2) Throughout the fight Princess Huhuran will toss a nature damage based poison volley which does over 700 damage per tick and ticks four times and sometimes silences but is rather bugged in that aspect. It is believed this poison volley cannot be resisted, but can be avoided somehow.
3) Princess Huhuran has a direct damage nature damage based attack that can be resisted.
4) Princess Huhuran will hit people with Wyvern Sting which puts them to sleep but will cause additional, massive damage if cleansed


? Position is very important for the fight. The tanks need to tank her facing away from the raid. She will stack a nature DOT on the MT so tanks must be rotated. When facing toward the raid can do a random poison volley at times.

? 15 people need high NR for when she rages at 30%. These 15 must be close-ish to her. She will chuck poison volleys at them repeatedly.

? Do not dispell wyvern sting (especially on Rogues!) as it causes 4k insta-damage. It can be resisted. If your tanks and healing can take it you may wish to remove it from main tanks

? Noxious poison deals ~3k DOT and supposedly silences although it is a bit buggy(Have had silence before the DoT part comes. The DOT is not dispellable and as such is very dangerous. I have a theory she will only cast it when in frenzy but this is not confirmed.

? Hunters must be on the ball tranquilizing when she is frenzied -- it boosts her melee power alot.

? Let the tanks get comfortable with rotation - 2 or 3 tanks need to rotate due to stacking DoT. Then, DPS but not too heavy (so as not to over-aggro). Try to keep mana high-ish ready for an outburst at 30%.

? At 30% she will begin mass-chucking poison volleys at the nearest 15 members and its position will make no difference. Obviously put your highest NR candidates there, tanks and Rogues MUST have high NR as Tanks will die too fast otherwise and no Rogues will gimp much needed DPS at this time!

? After 5 minutes she will spam poison volley, basically same as enraging at 30%. Similar to Vaelastrasz' encounter. Not currently known if 5 min rage is more powerful than 30% (Battleguard Sartura's after-10-minute enrage is MUCH more deadly than her lower HP rage for example) however it is much more advantageous to have the enrage as late as possible.

Viscidus (optional)


This boss requires a high Nature Resistance as it uses AoE poison bolts which have direct damage with DoT, deadly. He resets if taken outside his room, much like the bosses in Zul'Gurub.

More coming ASAP

Twin Emperors - Vek'nilash and Vek'lor

In this fight you have to fight both emperors at the same time. They are basically the polar opposites of each others. The Emperor with the sword(Vek'nilash) is magic immune and the other(Vek'lor) is melee immune. This means that the melee immune cannot be tanked in traditional ways. They have a Twin Teleport ability that happens every 30 seconds that makes them switch place with each others. It should also be mentioned that they have a heal ability called "Heal Brother" that heals them for 30000 health. It's 60 yards range so you have to keep them seperated.
There's also a ton of bugs that respawn fast when killed that either mutate, grow big and attacks you or just explodes you for 3k fire damage.



Both Emperors:

Heal Brother( Whenever the twins get within 60 yards of one another, they will basically spam heals on each other. Keep them far apart.
Twin Teleport( Every 30-40 seconds, the two twins will switch places, visible by a blue glow around their feet. The twins will be rooted for about 2 seconds after they teleport before they start attacking again.
After 15 minutes, the Emperors will go berserk, so kill them before then!

Emperor Vek'nilash:
Swings a big sword, immune to all magical damage.

( Knocks back a single random target in melee range.
Unbalancing Strike ( Massive melee damage counterattack whenever he is touched by magical damage.
Mutate Bug ( Mutates a bug every 10-15sec or so.

Emperor Vek'lor: Caster, immune to all physical damage.

Shadow Bolt
( Spams on his aggro target.
Blizzard( Random area effect.
Arcane Burst ( Massive magical damage counterattack whenever he is touched by physical damage.
Explode Bug( Explodes a bug every 7-10sec or so.

Qiraji Scarabs/Qiraji Scorpions:

Bugs are scattered all around the floor and if killed they constantly respawn throughout the fight. They are initially neutral (yellow), but turn hostile when hit by any sort of area effect, or when mutated.
Virulent Poison( Stackable DoT randomly procs on melee attack.
Bugs are triggered by their corresponding Emperor: Vek'nilash mutates bugs within 25 yards, Vek'lor explodes bugs within 30 yards.
Explode Bugs( grow to 200% size, are rooted in place and their tentacles begin to spark. They explode 3sec after they are triggered.
Mutate Bugs( grow to 400% size, gain 300% health and melee for 1800% damage. They must be tanked/killed since they otherwise stay mutated for 4 minutes and melee for 1000+ damage per hit.


Since the twins must be split apart, your raid will essentially be split into 4-5 'forces':

1) Two tank/healing forces positioned against opposite walls of the room. One Warlock and one Warrior on both sides designated for tanking Vek'lor and Vek'nilash respectively.

2) One small DPS force to tank/control and kill the Mutated bugs. You will need a tank, at least one healer to keep the tank up, and just enough DPS to take the bugs down at a good pace. Pull the mutated bugs as soon as possible to prevent them from bothering healers. Preferably pull them away from the Emperor, away from your healers and any potential Exploding bugs.

3) One melee DPS force/one magical DPS force. These forces will be running back and forth every 30-40sec, attacking their respective emperor for ~20sec and moving approx. 5-10 sec before the Twin Teleports occur. It might be possible to just focus all DPS on one or the other Emperor and focus the other type of DPS on the mutated bugs.

Things everyone needs to constantly watch out for:

Absolutely nobody melee the caster, absolutely nobody cast spells at the warrior! The Emperors' counterattacks are extremely deadly. A single slip-up here could cause a wipe. EVERYONE needs to keep track of which emperor is which at all times.

SpellAlert (or an appropriate local spell announcing mod) is a MUST for everyone. This will warn you when nearby bugs are about to explode. You need to be constantly cautious of exploding/mutating bugs at all times and avoid them.

When you find yourself underneath a Blizzard, run out!

Vek'nilash will hit the melee DPS with random knockbacks, so be sure to bandage/potion when necessary.

Finally, the transition is the most difficult part of the encounter:

1) Use a timer mod to call out when approx. 20 seconds have elapsed since the last Twin Teleport. At that time, have your DPS forces finish their last attacks and switch places - Melee and caster DPS forces switch, with the mutated bug force following the melee force to pick up the next set of mutated bugs.

2) Move the next tank close to the emperor, ready to pick up aggro from the new emperor ASAP. The newly teleported Emperor will begin with aggro on the nearest player.

3) Practice, practice, practice, you'll find a rhythm that works for your group eventually.

Ouro the Sandworm (optional)


More info ASAP

When your inside AQ 40 she will sometimes wisper you.
You will hear things like
"You will die"
"You're heart will explode"

From in-game texts:
The Gurubashi and Amani [Troll] empires had little love for one another, but rarely warred against each other. At the time, their greatest common enemy was a third empire - the civilization of Azi Aqir. The Aqir were intelligent insectoids who ruled the lands of the far west. These clever insectoids were greatly expansionistic and incredibly evil. The Aqir were obsessed with eradicating all non-insect life from the fields of Kalimdor.
The trolls fought them for many thousands of years, but never succeeded in winning a true victory over the Aqir. Eventually, due to the troll's persistence, the Aqiri kingdom split in half as its citizens fled to separate colonies in the far northern and souther regions of the continent.
Two Aqiri city-states emerged - Azjol-Nerub in the northern wastes, and Ahn'Qiraj in the southern desert. Though the trolls suspected that there were other Aqiri colonies beneath Kalimdor, their existence was never verified.

C'Thun, being an Ancient God, is currently the strongest boss in World of Warcraft and has not yet been killed.
Though, a few things are known about it: he uses a deadly laser-like ray, which seems to be one of it's toughest weapon. This is a Nature based attack, so Nature resist gear would probably help. It targets the person at the top of the hate list, and does about 3000 damage as its base.
He seems to be composed of numerous separate parts, including eyestalks, tentacles, giant eyes, and a massive central body.
The Eye of C'Thun has a nature-based attack called Eye Beam that hits for over 10 million damage. Clearly this is meant to be avoided or prevented. Since the maximum amount that can be resisted is 75%, it's meant to be an insta-kill, and cannot be survived.

Yup you read that right.. the person in that damage screenshot (Helious) resisted HALF and was still hit for over 5 million damage... HAHA!

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