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Trading on the AH is a very risky business, I decided I needed some quick cash so I decided to try it out, after reading Lethals' guide I quickly installed the mod and decided to get things going. I am a new WoW player, my main is only lvl 18. But I have 4800 or so gold. Yes this means I'm twinked for my level.

I am currently unable to play as much as I wish I could, I only get a few hours here and there to play meaning my ability to scan the AH for good deals is limited. In this guide you will learn what to look for and how to make a steady income using the Auctioneer Mod.

Anyways I know you could care less about how my char is going or my play times. So lets get the guide underway.

Step 1 :

Download the Auctioneer Mod from : Try and get the latest version possible, at the time of this writing the current version is 3.4.1. (Note: current version is 3.6.0)

Step 2 :

Install the mod to your *:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Directory.

Step 3 :

At your character select screen click the AddOns tab in the lower left hand corner to make sure that you have the mod enabled. Make sure that in the top right of the AddOns screen the UI memory is at least 48MB. Raise it if you need to.

Step 4 :

Log into your character, when you get in you will see in your chat box that auctioneer has loaded, if it has not loaded you can type :
/auctioneer load or you can type /auctioneer load always so that it will always load for the character your on.

Step 5 :

Head to the nearest auction house, you will notice several new options near the bottom, make sure all the categories on the left side of the AH window are checked. Click scan. ( This can take anywhere up to 30 minutes depending on PC speed and amount of auctions available ). You need to try and do this as often as possible. Before you take a break for a little bit to run to the store or something, click scan. Need to have a cigarette? click scan....conjugal visits... You get the picture I'm sure.

Now the fun part!

Step 6 :

 Click "Search Auctions" tab located at the bottom of the AH window.

Step 6a :

 Bidding : Set as a default you will see a 50s profit and a 30 percentless section on the left. You can adjust the 50s higher or lower to make less or more profit, but leave it at that for now. Click Search. You will notice on the right section some items showed up. Click on the price section on the top of the AH window. This will show you the items by the price. Lowest should be at the top, highest should be at the bottom, remember this is just how I do it. You can do it either by price or by profit. Each one is nifty. Well anyways, the price is the left amount, the PROFIT you can make is the right number. An example would be if a flaming cloak is 20s and the profit says 10s. You can sell the item for 30s and make 10s profit. This is usually how I do it first. I go through and buy ALL the cheap items cause I am greedy like that, I have anywhere from 10-90 auctions online at any given time. I then go through and see what's going to make me some good profit. Adjust your profit on the left side from 50s to say 2-5g. or more depending on what you want to spend. I then buy stuff for say 1-2g that usually sells for 10-20g. And I do it A LOT. You can hover your mouse over the items to see what they usually go for.


Step 6b :

 Buyouts : Instead of having to bid, you can make profit off the buyout feature of auctions, you might not make as much profit, but there's still money to make! Follow the same steps as Bidding, but instead switch the top left option from bidding to buyout. You will see the same buyout price section and the profit section. Remember that the profit area is not what you can sell it for, its what you will make off it.

Step 7 :

 Relist all of your items that you have purchased, and DO NOT over bid on items. Base bids are good enough. You never really wan to go through and re-bid just incase your having a bid war with someone who does not know there limit. Or if your not paying attention to the price of items. SCAN THE AH BEFORE YOU LIST A LOT.


When you list an item or hover over an item. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You will see where it says one of the above sayings, Undercutting 5% is good, meaning people have the same item up, but you can beat it. and still make profit. Competition above market is good to, meaning someone put it up but instead of putting a 1g item up for 1g they put it up for more, like 3g or 4g. Cannot beat lowest price sucks..... its obvious what it is. I try NOT to buy those auctions.

"The main set of new commands you should try after scanning the auction house are:
/auctioneer percentless
/auctioneer bidbroker
/auctioneer compete

The percentless algorithm highlights all items which may be bought out for a given (60% default) percent less than the highest sellable price for this item. These people don't know what the items they have are worth!!! Buy them up and relist them at a better price. $$$

The bidbroker algorithm is similar in operation to the percentless one, but works on the bid price instead of the buyout price and are less than medium time left. These are items that for some freak of nature haven't sold. You can bid on these items and then relist them at a better time of the day/week to make cash.

The compete algorithm shows all the items that people are selling for less than your item of the same type. They are undercutting you, so you can buy their stuff and relist it at your price to make money off their folly.

More. More. More. More.

When I am sitting around playing with the auction house, I AM WATCHING THE TRADE CHANNEL. This is vital!
On my server the Unbridled Leggings go for around 90g. How do I know this? I clicked on the item link in chat when someone was WTS it. When you click on an item or hover over an item you can see what it is worth in the AH, as well as other important information about it. You can see the Buyout Median, this is what it goes for average, you can see how many times you have seen it on the AH aswell as the starting bid and how many times people have used Buyout on the item. Now back to the money making. When you see someone selling something, CLICK IT. see how much it goes for and how much its worth, see how much they want for it compared to what you can sell it for. I bought a pair of Unbridled Leggings for 20g. yes... I made 70g by posting it on the AH for 90g Buyout. And my Auctioneer knew to put AUTOMATICALLY 90g into the buyout section. It sold in a few hours.

General Rules :

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR MAIL!!!!! Get the items that did not sell and put them back up IMMEDIATELY. You don't want to have to much in your mail box or it gets to be a burden.

24 Hour auctions. The deposit may be more but it is less of a burden.

Buy Buy Buy Sell Sell Sell, You can never have enough auctions on at any given time. The more you buy, the more you sell, the more you sell the more you make.

Grouping : When you are out with some people you don't know, or even some you may know slightly, and an item drops and everyone just wants it to sell it, offer money for it! Click the item to see how much it goes for, chances are no one in the group has Auctioneer running so they don't know for sure what the actual AH value is. You can then offer them half of what its worth, or closer to the resell value if your a nice kind non-greedy person. Unlike me.

I know this guide could have been better, but its my first. and I don't have WoW on my laptop so I cant get in the game to give better explanations of things, this is just from what I have learned and have memorized. And some help from the readme of auctioneer for names of things.

I would like to thank the creator of Auctioneer, everyone who helped making it, Bliz for making WoW and the wonderful team at TaultUnleashed, with TU I wouldn't be writing my first guide. Nor would I have found Auctioneer or any of the other mods I use constantly.

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