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Instance  Run Preparatory


Instance Name: Blackfathom Deeps

Coordinates: Ashenvale Forest  Entrance - ??,??  Exit - ??,??

Level: 24 - 32

Group Limit: 10

Approximate Run Time: TBA

Run Dates: TBA


Quest Log Summery:

LvL 22 Paladin - Seeking the Kor Gem*

LvL 23 - Knowledge In the Deeps*

LvL 24 - Researching the Corruption*

Lvl 24 - In Search of Thaelrid

LvL 26 Warlock - The Orb of Soran'ruk

LvL 25 - Twilight Falls

LvL 27 - Blackfathom Villainy

* denotes a prerequisite quest


Instance Map: Blackfathom Deeps Map


Possible High Value Drops:



Beneficial Inventory Items:

Healing Potions, Mana Potions, etc...


Recommended Classes:

Tank, Healer, etc...


Instance Strategy: Blackfathom Deeps Instance Guide


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