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We all know how boring it is to farm for items you want to get for blacksmithing or just plain getting gold. So I?m going to try to keep this updates with place to farm items which are commonly wanted by most people.

Linen Cloth:

1: Westfall is the best area for this. Either clear the mines which is what I usually do or just go around killing other humanoids.

Wool Cloth:

The best place to farm this is of the mobs from DM. Mind they are elite so they drop decent coin dorps and also world drops.

Silk Cloth:

1: For a higher level soloing SM is the best way due to the fact you get a lot of silk on 1 mob and money drops are decent. Also you can get the scarlet sets BOE which can sell nicely and some items can be vendored for money or d/ed

2: Killing harpies in 1000 needles is another good way. They are not elite so easily killable by lower levels as they are level 28-30. They also drop Vibrant plumes which can sell for 80 silver a stack.


1: Most mobs in tanaris drop a decent amount of this. Either the trolls who occupy the ruins or the humans. I don?t mean the pirates on the coast but the ones which are south east which are called wastewanders.

2: Deadwood furbolgs in felwood. These are also farmed for rep with Timbermaw furbolgs so you can kill two birds with one stone.


1: Mobs in trys hand. These are mainly elite humanoids who are level 54. These can be killed easily by level 60s. Also these are very good for just farming money as they are humans.

2: Furbolgs in winterspring. These are due east of everlook and very easy to kill. Non elites so anybody can kill them. If you?re a mage its heaven just aoe and you can get a lot of runecloth.

3: Ogres in deadwind pass. Like furbolgs they are non-elite but have more health. I would say that the furbolgs would be easier to kill though.

Essence of Air:

1: Elementals in North West Silithus. No mobs actually have a high drop rate of this and these are all non elite and very easy to kill. Make sure you are killing the air elementals not the rock ones which do not drop it. Also they drop breath of wind etc which can be sold or used.

Essence of Fire:

1: Elementals in Un?Goro crater, Fire Plume ridge. I think this is the best place to farm these only taking the advice of guildys and friends on this one.

Essence of Water:

1: Elementals in felwood, Iron Tree woods. These have a high drop rate I believe and there is normally somebody farming them but they have a good respawn rate so no waiting.

2: Refer to another post but fishing it seems is the other best way to get these. In azshara but I?m unsure of all the positions and co-ordinates.

Essence of Undeath:

I have no clue about these all that I know is that they drop from undead in WPL and EPL. They also have a high drop rate in scholo and strat.

Essence of Earth:

These can be farmed in northwest silithus in the far corner. Also these drop from Stone Guardians in Un'Goro but those are harder to kill because they are elites.

Rugged Leather:

1: Yetis in Winterspring are easily the best. South east of everlook in the ice thistle hills region are humanoids around level 53 which are skin able. They do not drop cloth but many people kill them for a quest and are not skinners. So you can kill them loot some cash and skin them and also skin the mobs killed by others.

Thick Leather:

1: Most beasts which are skin able in The Hinterlands drop thick leather when skinned. AS mostly around level 49 they are easily farmable by 50s and 60s. Also this can be got by skinning yetis which drop some as well.

Incendosaur scales:

1: From beasts of the same name in searing gorge. Do not need to be skinned are just dropped. These are used to get up reputation for thorium brotherhood. These can also be sold for a high price.

Items from Fishing

These are all fish which can be sold for a high price. Essences also can be sold.

Stonescale Eels:

Any high level coastal spot in Kalimdor (Tanaris, Feralas, Azshara) gives Stonescale eels, which consistently sell for ~1g. Each. However, please note the time of day, sometimes, you won't see doodlysquat, other times, excellent results.

Deviate Fish:

These are only fishable in the Barrens in Wailing Caverns.You do not have to go inside the Wailing Caverns instance to catch Deviates. They can be caught in any of the pools inside the Caverns before you get to the instance.

The fish can also be caught in Lushwater Oasis, immediately south of the Caverns [46,38] and in the Stagnant Oasis, south of the XR-Ratchet road [55,42]. Further, in those oases, there will now occasionally be schools of Deviates so your drop rate is 100% if your cast lands within the swirl indicating the school.

Very low fishing skill is needed well it?s actually 0 with a bubble bait but helps to be higher. These sell very well and are also used to make Savory Deviate Delight.
They sell better when cooked but also sell in uncooked form. The cooked fish turn you into either a pirate or a ninja and I know on my server that a lot of guilds like using them for Molten Core or Blackwing Lair.

Larval acid:

These drop from the grubs in EPL at around 5% rate and sells for 8-10g apiece.


These drops from demons in Felwood and Azshara, also from demons in Dire Maul. Current price on my server is anywhere between 1.5 and 3g apiece. These mobs also have a very high drop rate of runecloth and are camped by gold farmers or used to be I believe.

Living Essence:

Tar elementals in Un'goro drop occasionally - better drop rates are found on the plants in DM East and West (Lashes in East, trees in west), sell for 8-10g each. Very rare as they are needed for Hide of the Wild.

Larval Acid:

We clear AQ20 every 3 days, in about 3.5 hrs. If you dont run it, get on a timer of someone who does. (ie: ask them to create a raid, and let you zone in on there timer once they leave.)
Once you kill mobs in this instance, or kill the bosses, mobs despawn. There are little larva that respawn in there all over the place reguardless. So, if you have a clear instance, no hostile mobs, and tons of respawning larva that has the ABSOLUTE BEST DROP RATE FOR LARVAL ACID.... you do the math. I can walk away with 6-10 in about 1.5 hrs with distractions. You can ride a mount through this zone so you can cover a lot of ground.

Guardian Stones:

Drop from the elite guardians wandering around Un'goro. Though they are 61 Elites, they are extremely slow and soloable by most 60s. Stones are used in Cloak of Warding and sell for 3.5-5g apiece

Righteous Orbs:

These drop from humanoids i.e. scarlet soldiers etc in a stratholme scarlet run. Used in enchants and are very expensive. They also they drop off of Scarlet Elite's(that?s the name of the mob). They are in western plague lands above the lumber camp.

Dark Runes:

Drop from most mobs in scholo. Very useful for casters but are also used in crafting so are very expensive and needed by most people.

Ichor of Undeath:

These drop from most undead mobs over level 50 (EPL, WPL, Azshara's lingering highbourne, Scholo, Strat, etc.). Used in a few patterns, most notably the new shard bags.

Silithis Chitin:

These are skinned from elites in silithus. They can be vendored for 2g a stack. Also the elites drop an item for rep with the bronze dragons and greys. Also when skinned they can drop a grey which is wroth 1g for 20.

Shadowcat Hides:

Skinned from Shadow Mars in STV and Swamp of Sorrows.

Black diamond:

These drop from mobs in BRD. Each is worth loads because they are used in libram enchants and also the zg enchant. Worth around 50 times more than the blue version.

Heart of fire:

Drop from elementals above level 45. Easily farmed from demons in north felwood and also elementals in Un'Goro.

Primal Tiger Leather:

Skinned from tigers in ZG. These are not farmable except for in a ZG raid group.

Blood of the mountain:

These are mined from Dark Iron nodes in searing gorge, burning steppes, BRD and MC. Used in a quest, high end professions. These sell very nicely

Powerful Mojo:

Drop from trolls which are over lvl 55. Drop from elite trolls in ZG and also from undead trolls in WPL. The Undead trolls are called Mossflayers. Used in proffesions again.

Ghost mushrooms:

These are used in making a dye which is used in crafting. These are found in feralas, Maraudon, Hinterlands and also drop of Tar Lords in Un'Goro.

Black lotus:

This is a very rare herb which sells for quite a lot. Found in Winterpsring near the blue dragons cave, Mezthoril. Also found in badlands, silithus and EPL.

Turtle Scales:

Skinned from any turtles. These can be found near Steamwheel port, in the Hinterlands, Tanaris and in hillsbrad hills. Used in LW.

Spider silk:

These drop from Spiders in Stonetalon mountain. Mainly around the entrance and exit of Deep talonpath which is the patch to ashenvale. They are around level 25 I think.

1) Carrion Spawns/Devourers - In Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands, have a chance to drop Larval Acid (as they have always done) but in my experience, they have increased the droprate slightly. They were expensive as they were used for an Epic LW recipe Hide of the Wild. But they are also used for the NR gear: Sandstalker set. Price inflation makes them very worth farming. They are hardly killed as they are neutral and used in basically no quest, but they are worth a few kills while waiting for Strath Dead/Live as just one Larval Acid on some servers which have opened the AQ gates, can fetch upto 20G+. At one point they were 35G a piece. Just a quick money tip.
Note: Easy to kill, and they are everywhere in the Eastern Plaguelands (EPL). The Larger ones have double the chance to drop Larval Acid. The Devourers (Bigger grubs) are all found in the top half of the EPL Map, while the Spawns (Smaller Grubs) are found in the bottom half of the Map, seperated by the scar noticeable on the Map, that lies half way through the Main road.

Effectiveness: (5/10) This is not something that should be considered a heavily reliable farming strategy. It is a useful tip that if lucky, could fetch a large amount of money. As stated, when passing through the area, kill one! You might get lucky and win yourself 20G just like that.

2) Elemental Earth - This is good money for any server starting out in AQ. The Elementals in badlands dont have great droprates, but still "ok". What you want to farm is the rock spawns in Arathi Highlands, they have fast respawn, are easier to kill and have a pretty high chance on dropping elemental earth which sells for about 1G+ each, or make NR Pots which sells for about 10-15G per stack. They also drop grey rocks... solid stones (Which sell for fair amounts because of the Elune Stones), but mainly shrapnel which can get you about 50 Silver per grey stack (It accumulates), i made upto 40G in about an hour and a half, after selling the elemental earths on the AH, and vendoring the greys, not to mention the greens.
Note: Rumbling Exiles in Arathi Highlands, have 1% higher chance to drop Elemental Earth then those in Badlands. Including the fact that they are about 2-3 Levels lower, they make a far more acceptable farming location for this material.

Effectiveness: (7/10) Something that will not last, however Elemental fire is still inflated, but not as much as it was! With new dungeon elemental damage comes new resistance. I however feel that as soon as Viscidus (Optional Temple of Ahn Qiraj Boss) becomes a farm status for a guild, Nature Resistance will be huge, as this boss is almost pure Nature Damage.

3) Chimaerok Tenderloins - Over on the Isle of Dread are level 60+ Elite Dragons. Which have roughly a 30-35% chance on dropping a white item called "Chimaerok Tenderloin" which are used in the quest;
If you get a relatively good healer and a DPS Machine. You can easily Kite/Burn these guys down with a 2 Man Group. In roughly an hour you can get yourself 10 of these Tenderloins. I did it on my 60 rogue with a 56 Druid i had basically macroed up with whisper cast on follow (its like botting, but meh). For players that are going for this quest to get the reward of the only epic "recipe" in the game: paying 25G per tenderloin isnt a bad price, seeing as this recipe got me 2K at the AH. And i continued farming these guys and got 400G through tenderloins sales. Not to mention the guy that bought the recipe from me, buys them from me to keep making his meat in stacks of 5. I also farm this for my guild, in which my GL has the recipe because our guild first completed this quest for the AQ Sceptre quest / Gate Opening.

Chimaerok Types:
Currently, 3 Chimaerok Types exist on the Isle of Dread.

i) Chimaerok; ---
These Chimaeroks have a few attacks that come in intervals; Lightning Breath, Corrosive Venom Spit and Swoop are the abilities that this beast only has. This beast does a fair amount of Melee Damage to non-tanks. *Hits for around 330-400 non-critical strikes, Tested on my Rogue*

-Lightning Breath is basically the same as a Shaman's Chain Lightning, and basically the same casting speed. It will hit for around 300 Nature Damage and hit for the same amount to nearby players, about 10 yards radius away.
-Corrosive Venom Spit has the same casting time as Lightning Breath, but it will only effect 1 player and put a Damage Over Time (DoT) debuff on them, as well as the initial bolt damage. The Nature Bolt hits for around 150 Nature Damage and the DoT Ticks Nature Damage for around 60-70 per 3 seconds. (This Debuff can be dispelled)
-Swoop is a basic 2-3 Second knockdown in which the Chimaerok can move into an adjacent position to begin almost 100% of the time, a Corrosive Venom Spit.
Note: Lightning Breath and Corrosive Venom Spit can be Interrupted.

ii) Arcane Chimaerok; ---
These Chimaeroks have a few attacks that come in intervals; Arcane Breath, Counterspell and Magic Reflect are the abilities that this beast only has. This beast does an average amount of Melee Damage to non-tanks. *Hits for around 280 - 350 non-critical strikes, Tested on my Rogue*

-Arcane Breath is basically the same as a Mage's Arcane Missiles but it is not channeled (Graphics Related). This ability can do a large amount of damage to the unprepared, around 500 Arcane Damage.
-Counterspell is identical to the Mage's Counterspell, but it is an Area of Effect (AoE) in which everyone within range of the Creature is Counterspelled (Interruption in cast, and the Ability tree that was being cast is silenced, not able to cast from, for about 1-2 seconds). It has no effect on people that were not casting.
-Magic Reflect acts like Majordomo Executus's shields in the Molten Core. It basically is a 10 Second immunity to spell damage, and all spell damage taken within that 10 seconds is immediately reflected back to the caster. (Yes, Poisons are also reflected back at the wielder, aswell as weapon "Procs").
Note: Only Arcane Breath can be Interrupted. I also believe that Counterspell is applied on the activation of Magic Reflect.

iii) Chimaerok Devourer; ---
These Chimaeroks have basically no abilities and rely heavily on pure damage.
I am certain that there IS an ability that these beasts do, but it is not detectable and certainly not noticeable, perhaps my imagination. They do however have a knockdown which will make the beast move onto the next target until the knocked down recipricant is back on his feet. However the effect of this knockdown only happened around 50% of the time, it usually resulted in the creature gaining an unmissable/unparryable/undodgeable hit, which had an unusual critical strike chance. This beast does an immense amount of Melee Damage to non-tanks. *Hits for around 450-600 non-critical strikes, Tested on my Rogue*. These attacks are also a LOT faster then the melee from the other two types.
Note: Take caution in dealing with these beasts if you have thin armor, they can take people down with arguably deniable strings of critical strikes.

Effectiveness: (10/10) In my personal opinion, this is the way to farm for now. With more guilds coming into contact with this required reagent, independant questing (Solo Questing) will slowly raise the pricings. As this is a material item, which will become a higher demand through the accessibility of the crafted item.

4) Volatile Rum - After many people becoming reputable with Brood of Nozdormu, this quest for the epic recipe has became more accessible, and a required reagent in this quest is goblin rocket fuel... which requires volatile rum. After my recent sale of the epic recipe, people have been more inclined to raise the price on this Volatile Rum, WHICH is easily farmable, hell you could get about 15 an hour farming south sea pirates in Tanaris. I just sinister strike my way through them all and shift loot them. Rocket Fuel requires 1 Deeprock, 1 Firebloom and 1 Volatile Rum (the most rare); You can buy the deeprock and firebloom for approximately 1-2G a stack, farm the rum and theres your Goblin Rocket Fuel with the help of a wonderfully skilled alchemist, and its ready to use for the quest. I bought mine cheap off a friend, he now sells them at a very inflated, and expensive price. You can also message Low Level players in the area if they have seen any and if you can buy them for cheap from them (they wouldnt know the difference).

Tribute Runs without killing the drunken ogre; Stomper Kreeg, can fetch you 6 per run, as this enemy converts himself into friendly vendor NPC once you become the king baby! Whenever you do a Dire Maul Tribute Run, make sure you visit this guy, thats a 6G+ Tip!
Note: Although Stranglethorn Vale Bloodsail Pirates has a 0.3 - 0.4 Deviation in Drop Percentages, in comparison to their Level. Tanaris's South Sea Pirates are a Higher Level, and have a slightly better drop rates, which is no excuse to farm them more. The real reason behind farming South Sea Pirates is because they have spawn positions in a more clustered position, one could effectively never stop killing. But, when it comes to Bloodsail Pirates, they are just too spread out along the coastlines of Stranglethorn Vale, to be efficient in gathering this material; Volatile Rum.

Effectiveness (9/10) If you can get a steady rhythm going, this is a great way to farm, not only is there a limitation on how much you can get during a Dire Maul Run, but its in huge demand with engineering and mostly because of those independant individuals who would go to any lengths to get their hands on that epic recipe.

Ill add anything else anybody wants to find and if anybody can also post other things that I can add to keep this up to date it would be helpful. Also if you want to farm for something ill be happy to find it and add it.

PS You could also give me a red cent


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