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1-40 Cash Cows

Dual Gathering, honestly there is very little that will make you money like dual gathering trade skills. Take a combination of either Herbalisim and Skinning or Mining and Skinning. Mining and Herbalisim is a bad idea because you can only track one resource node at a time, unless you have a nice UI Mod that can get you nodes. The fact of the matter is that most people take their crafting professions relatively late in the game and dont want to go out and grind materials, they would sooner grind cash and buy them from the lucky seller, which will be you. What you do want to decide on is what crafting professions you are interested in, if any at all. If you think you might want to take herbalisim later on, or perhaps leatherworking, keep some materials in the bank. Ill try to give a rough guide to Leatherworking since I am, myself, a 300 tribal LW on the Lightnings Blade server horde side.

1-100 For this I used about 100 Light leather and began breaking into the medium leather around 65-70. The key here is remembering to make Armor kits. They will usually give you the best skill ups for your level. Anothering thing is if you luck out and dont use 100 light leather before breaking into the medium leather, MAKE SURE YOU MAKE MEDIUM LEATHER OUT OF IT. I made the rediculus mistake of not using my light leather for making medium leather and so on and so forth, this cost me a considerable deal of time and coin.

100-200 This can be done relatively cheap for the horde side, I just sat in The Barrens linking what I could make for people and the stuff I needed. I would buy about 100 threads and make them supply me the leather. Its amazing how many low level skinners there are, especially in the barrens where its all beasts. Some fun can be had running around slaying the beasts to keep gathering light leather and sometimes medium leather if you are lucky. This can be upgraded to Heavy Leather in no time, which can be used from 175-200.

200-300 The portion which most LW dread, but I found a swift way of dealing with this. Grind turtles, I dont care where you do it, but grind the hell out of them. Grind in Tanaris, Grind in Hinterlands, grind them everywhere. Eventually you start getting turtle scales which is needed for your specialization quest, and you will have more rugged and thick leather than you know what to do with. I found myself supplying every other LW in my guild with their trip up to 300 and they never let me forget how grateful they all are.

I know this is a relatively barebones guide to Leatherworking but I havent done it for about 8 months, this should definately get you started on the path to being a great Leatherworker. If you are on a low pop server 100-200 my way could take you a considerably long time, my recomendation comes with grinding in SS/TM. Turtles there drop alot of leather and the occasional pearl. These sell very well to enchanters. Late game turtles drop golden pearls which you can sell for almost 10 gold a pop. remember to always keep an eye on who is buying from you, always be courtious to your customers. I have plenty of customers who come to me specifically and will wait till I log on to only buy from me. I even have a whole guild who wants me to make their late game Fire resist gear. Professions are an awesome way of gaining respect and money. If you decide on Dual Gathering always have a person to sell to aside from reliance on the AH. Having a real human that you keep in buisness can come out to be a very reliable partnership.

A Lasting note to all Tailors, Level your First Aid before tailoring, having 300 first aid is an absolute must in this game, especially in the late game instancing.

And with that, I bid you good luck.

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